Cognitio Rerum

My name is Ksenia Bilan. I am a Graphic artist/illustrator from Kiev, Ukraine. In my online gallery I represent my artworks "Cognitio Rerum". I create my art under the influence of all that inspires me, I was interested throughout my adult life: the theme of life and death, symbolism and the symbol's impact on the man's destiny. They are imbued with magic, occult, paganism, nature, medieval symbolism. Each picture has a special meaning and all the elements of the drawings are chosen not by chance, but harmoniously intertwined.

About me:

Since childhood I was impressed by style of the Northern Renaissance masters, Symbolists and Pre-Raphaelites, as well as medieval book illustrations. That's why my drawing style is rather close to the medieval engravings. Thanks to my art education, I was able to bring the allegorical meaning of things around me on paper. Music that I listen to, also plays an important role: punk, post-punk, neofolk, deathrock and literature: mythology, fantasy and English gothic novel.


My artworks:

Inspired by the magic of the ancient symbols of the alchemical tradition, organic natural forms and flawless aesthetics of cold steel, set of mystical drawings "Cognitio Rerum" -ode to the infinite creation and destruction, life and death, rebirth and decay.



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